Headway Preston and Chorley provides a wide range of advice and information and support to adults affected by acquired brain injury, their families and carers.

Information about the effects of brain injury

A wide range of factsheets and booklets are produced by Headway UK to help you to understand the symptoms and difficulties you may experience after sustaining an acquired brain injury.

Information about financial matters

When you or someone is suddenly affected by a serious injury or condition, finances are usually affected. Whether you need advice about your employment and wages, debt, insurance claims we can help.

Welfare benefits

There are a number of welfare benefits you can claim while you are unable to work due to an illness or a disability. Headway can provide you with easy to understand information and guidance and we can assist with claims. We also work with many other local agencies who will support you along the welfare benefits process.

Legal information

There are a number of ways Headway can assist you with legal matters. It might just be pointing you in the right direction to get the right advice from Headway approved solicitors or it might be helping to deal with an incapacitated person’s financial affairs. For more legal information, please see:

Family support

Everyone at Headway Preston and Chorley understand what you are going through when someone in the family has suffered an acquired brain injury. Many of our staff and volunteers have first-hand experience or have a family member with an ABI. For more about our Family support please see:


After a brain injury there is usually a long period of rehabilitation and adjustment and it is a team effort. We can assist with this process and provide community meetings and sessions where you can enhance your formal rehabilitation and meet others who are going through a similar experience. Rehabilitation can be helped in the following ways:


You can make an appointment to see us at the Headway Office, at the Drop In or Activity Days, while you are in hospital or at home.