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Happy New Year

                        Without a single lie

                        Christmas has just flown by

                        Now to be greeted with a cheer

                        It’s reached the New Year

                        To bring to your life a good solution

                        You now need to make a New Years resolution

                        And instead of once more be a regretter

                        This year things could get much better

                        In January you sometimes need to get much bolder

                        With it getting a little bit colder

                        Though in your heated-up car

                        You can still travel near and far

                        Each pub and restaurant now go a little bit dead

                        With a wait for your next wages a long month ahead

                        Because without a single doubt

                        Through Christmas, and the early year sales, of money we all run out

                        In the shops having made an enquiry

                        Lots of people get a calender and diary

                        And intending to do what they can

                        For the year ahead make a positive plan

                        By Paul Wilkins


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