Keep In Touch

Due to government guidance on the recent Covid-19 outbreak, a number of Headway Preston and Chorley sessions have been cancelled. For several of our clients these sessions were a key part of their social lives and as a result will be left isolated. To fill the gap left by cancelled sessions Headway staff will be conducted a new service aimed at reassuring and providing a listening ear to clients.  We are looking to apply for funding for this vital project.

Through this service staff will be offering regular weekly telephone friendship calls. Calls will last approx. 5 – 15 minutes and will be arranged on the same day and time each week. (Alternative communication can include WhatsApp and Skype).

The project will initially be offered to those who attend the Headway Community sessions but if you don’t currently attend and would like a phone call then give us a ring and we can put your name down.

The service is not a counselling service and no specialist medical advice can be given; however, we can provide information on benefits and legal advice

How to contact us;

Helpline: 07557123493

Laura: 0783637197        

Kayleigh: 07808648733

If you would like to have us call you we can also be contacted via email on