Brain Injury ID Card

A new Brain Injury ID card has been introduced as part of the Headway UK Justice Project.

The aim of the card is to provide people wiid-card-imageth brain injury with support and confidence in social situations as well as any interactions with emergency services.

The card has been developed as part of the Justice Project, the objective of which is to raise awareness of brain injury throughout criminal justice systems across the UK, and has the backing of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, Police Scotland and the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

The card displays a criminal legal assistance number that can be called to request specialist legal advice or representation. It also displays the Headway helpline number and website details.

Social confidence

Feedback from the pilot stage of the project, to which 259 brain injury survivors from 17 groups and branches contributed, has been very positive and the card is already helping people with their day-to-day lives:

  • “I was getting confused in a shop and the card helped.”
  • “I was in B&Q and was struggling how to explain what I needed the assistant was very upstanding when saw my ID card and took his time with me.”
  • “It makes me feel safer should I get into problems.”
  • “A young lad was refused a taxi as the driver assumed he was drunk. He showed his card and the taxi driver apologised and took him home.”

How to apply

Applications can be made online or by post and if you need help to apply you can contact us on 01772 791460 or your local Headway group.

Online applications.

The card is free-of-charge and the application can be made by a brain injury survivor or somebody else can apply on their behalf. A passport-sized photo of the survivor is required and brain injury verification and confirmation that the survivor receives support from your group or branch.