My Progress

After suffering an acquired brain injury its often difficult to identify progress particularly if the ABI happened a long time ago.

At Headway you can undergo an assessment to measure how you are coping in different aspects of your life including:

  • Your lifestyle (including your diet, how you feel, how you sleep etc)
  • Looking after yourself (including getting dressed, cleaning, shopping and going out)
  • Managing your symptoms (including medication, pain and education)
  • Work, volunteering and other activities (including coming to Headway or attending other groups or re-training and taking short courses).
  • Money (including getting the right benefits, budgeting and managing money).
  • Where you live (including disrepair, moving house or jobs).
  • Family and friends (including relationships, adjusting and understanding).
  • Feeling positive (including learning to cope, relaxing and reducing anxiety).

If you are interested in monitoring your progress please contact us. A first assessment will be taken at the start of your Headway membership and a second assessment will be taken 6 months later. The record will be yours to keep.